Sunjoined Testimonial


Sunjoined Testimonial

Hello everyone my name is Andrea Baker and I am a Subjoined Distro.  I am a high school teacher and wanted to earn some extra cash.  My goal was to make enough to take a few family vacations every year.  

I knew a few people who was taking Subjoined products and it had helped them.  So I reached out to the folks at Subjoined and wanted to learn more.

The first thing that stuck out to me was their desire to help others with a great product.  I honestly have learned so much about hemp and how it can help with pain, sleep, inflammation, stress, and many many other aliments that my customers have seen. 

The way I got started is I joined Kyle on a new distro training session.  I learned about hemp, how to take the different products that Sunjoined offers, and how I would benefit from taking the products. He was able to get me off and running.  The first thing I did was make a few easy sales to friends and family.  

Our products helped everyone of them.  They spoke about it to others and would refer me.  Lot’s of organic growth, people talk and when you have had ailments for a long time and now you are getting relief, that is what get’s me excited to help others.  

One of the things that made me feel confident early on and still to this day is Subjoined doesn’t outsource anything.  They help the farmers grow the crop, harvest and formulate into all our products.  

I didn’t know that over 90% of the brands on the market just buy from a hemp processor and put their label on it.  How do you know what you are putting in your body?  I just don’t trust any brand except Sunjoined.  

What really makes this scaleable is now I have my website up.  Selling to people all over the country.  When someone buys from my site that I can’t hand off to, I go to my member dashboard and Sunjoined drop ships.  This is the game changer, if you put in the time.  This opportunity can be as big as you want it.  

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Sunjoined distro, send questions to Together were better!

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