The #1 way to earn passive income

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The #1 way to earn passive income

Sunjoined is one big family. Our foundation is you. We created a network of farmers and distributors across the country. All Sunjoined products are grown internally to organic standards and sold through our distros. Ladies and gentlemen, this opportunity empowers you to take control of your cash flow. Here is how it works.

We work hand and hand with our farmers. Ensuring our crops are sustainably grown. Through the years we had identified which hemp strains produce the highest CBD. Once harvest time arrives, we deliver our product to our processors where formulation begins.

Training is provided to our distros. This happens on many different levels. Some distros sell hand to hand to their network. While others are building an online powerhouse. Our digital team of experts works with our distros to set up their website, sales funnels, and converting leads into cash. Earning residual income has never been so easy.

Our fulfillment partner is integrated on the back-end and drop ships to customers globally. I know what you are thinking, is it really that easy. Yes, it is that easy. Our goal is to provide our family with an opportunity that can’t be broken due to any economic situation.

Sunjoined is Direct Selling

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to customers away from a fixed retail location. Direct selling can be conducted one-on-one, in a group or party format, or online

Earnings Opportunity

Sunjoined wants our Representatives to succeed by offering a no-barrier earnings opportunity to support themselves and their families. We support each Representative in their efforts to achieve success and empower them to be self-sufficient by earning an income. The company’s direct-selling model offers a low cost of entry, a wide range of training and development opportunities, and digital direct selling tools that enable Representatives to manage and grow their businesses as never before.

40 % margins and higher

Once appointed, a Representative has flexibility over his/her schedule and is their own boss, setting the parameters and goals for their business. For some Representatives, selling Sunjoined is a full-time business. Others sell Sunjoined to supplement income from a full-time job, or for a set period of time to help achieve a certain financial goal, such as a child’s college tuition or a family vacation.

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