About Us

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the sativa plant. Its extensive history dates back thousands of years, as a medicine. CBD’s non-addictive, healing properties are once again at the center of restoring health for individuals emotionally, physically, and mentally.

What are the Benefits?

CBD works differently for everyone. Some of the most common benefits may include:

  • relief from inflammation
  • better sleep
  • less anxiety
  • pain relief
  • reduction of acne

Why Sunjoined?

Our foundation is you. 

Sunjoined was created to provide an all-natural CBD from a network of connected growers. 

From there, Sunjoined works with processors that would ensure high quality finished products. 

Next, our community of distributors, distribute the finest quality products throughout the world. 

Our founder, believes putting the product in the hands of each consumer is the best word of mouth. In the most simplest form, together, we’re better.

Office Contacts

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(502) 509-5254
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Ph: 502-509-5254

Office 1

Ph: 502-509-5254